1.6m reception desk

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1.6m reception desk

-Sufficient Storage Space: Store your files and belongings in drawers and cabinet. The desktop is wide enough to put computer or lovely decors.

-Thoughtful Design: The lockable drawer and high side panels provide ample space for privacy.

-Sturdy Structure: With friendly material, it’s weather and water resistant for long term use.The drawers with slide rails allow you to pull and push smoothly.

-Customer Care: We will listen to the customer’s feedback, we provide long-term installation guidance for our products.



1.6m reception desk

In corporate settings, 1.6m reception desk may be used for visitor registration. Guests are asked to sign in and sometimes provide identification, which helps with security and record-keeping.

Professional Image: The design and upkeep of the reception desk and surrounding area play a role in creating a professional and positive image for the organization. It can convey the organization’s culture and values.

Security: Reception desks often serve as a security checkpoint. Receptionists can verify the identity of visitors, sign them in, and ensure that only authorized individuals enter the premises.

Our 1.6-meterĀ  reception desk serves as a crucial focal point in a reception area or lobby of a business or organization. It plays several essential functions to help create a welcoming and efficient environment:

The specific functions of a reception desk may vary depending on the type of organization, its size, and the services it offers. However, in most cases, the reception desk serves as the central hub for welcoming and assisting visitors and ensuring the smooth operation of the facility.

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