120cm coffee table

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120cm Coffee Tables: The Perfect Centerpiece for Your Nairobi Living Space

Upgrade your living room with a stylish and functional 120cm coffee table from Goodfitting Furniture Nairobi. Our selection of 120cm coffee tables offers the ideal balance of size and functionality, perfect for creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in your office.

Spacious Style:

  • Ideal Size: At 120cm, these coffee tables provide ample surface area for displaying décor, resting drinks and snacks, or playing board games with friends and family. They’re perfect for medium-sized living rooms, offering enough space without feeling overwhelming.
  • Versatility: A 120cm coffee table can act as a focal point in your living room while leaving enough space for seating and movement. They can also be styled alongside side tables or ottomans for additional storage and functionality.
  • Durability for Everyday Use: Our coffee tables are built to last.


A versatile and stylish centerpiece, the  coffee table offers the perfect blend of form and function for your living room. With its ample surface area and potential storage options, it provides a perfect spot to rest drinks, display décor, or store blankets and magazines.

  • Ideal Size: Measuring 120 centimeters in length, this coffee table offers a generous surface area that can comfortably accommodate books, or decorative items. It’s large enough to be a functional centerpiece without overwhelming smaller living spaces.

  • Functional Design: You’ll find a variety of 120cm coffee tables with different functionalities to suit your needs. Here are some common options:

    • Simple table: A classic design with just a top surface, perfect for minimalist tastes .
    •  Offers a hidden storage compartment beneath the top surface, ideal for tucking away magazines, books, or other items you don’t need on display.
  • Style Versatility: 120cm coffee tables come in a wide range of styles to complement your existing décor.

With its ample surface area, stylish design options, and potential storage solutions, a 120cm coffee table can be a valuable addition to your space.

With the right 120cm coffee table from Goodfitting Furniture Nairobi, you can create a warm, inviting, and stylish space for entertaining guests or relaxing..

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