3-link non-padded waiting bench

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-Durable Waiting Room Chairs: Constructed with Stainless Steel. Stylish and economical. Maximum Weight Capacity for Each Chair: 180kgs

-Convenient Armrest: Guest can put hands on the armrest to rest body. When children sit on the bench, they can hold the armrest, so will not easily to fall down.

-Comfortable and Stylish Reception Chairs: Ideal for office, bank, airport, hall, lobby, hospital, salon, office waiting room, family room, station, etc

-Size Information: Overall Size: 69.5″ L X 23.6″W X 30.3″H, Seat Height from floor: 15.4″, Each Seat Size: 19.7″W ×16.1″D, Each Seat Back Size:19.7″W ×19.3″H.

-Easy to Assemble: The waiting room furniture is assembly required and all the tools are included.



This 3-link non-padded waiting bench offers a luxurious seating experience with maximum comfort and rests with any guests/visitors by three seater visitor chair.

This is typically refers to a type of seating arrangement often found in waiting areas such as bus stations, airports, train stations, or medical offices.

Add a relaxing charm to your living room / waiting room / airport lounge with this remarkable piece!.

Due to a high level of focus on each component and providing an honest product , our products enjoy high reputation among our all around the country. We provide chairs that are high on performance, ergonomically designed, exceptionally comfy , durable.

This type of seating is commonly used in waiting areas where people may need to sit temporarily while waiting for a bus, a flight, an appointment, or other services.

Accessibility: Waiting benches are typically designed to be accessible to individuals of all ages and abilities. They are often at a comfortable height and free from obstructions, making them easy for people to sit down and stand up from.

Non-padded waiting benches are generally more cost-effective than padded or upholstered alternatives. This cost-effectiveness is often a key consideration for businesses and organizations looking to furnish waiting areas on a budget.

Overall, a 3-link non-padded waiting bench primarily functions as a practical and durable seating solution in waiting areas, accommodating multiple individuals while being cost-effective and easy to maintain.

The main function of a waiting bench is to provide seating for individuals who are waiting for services or transportation. A 3-link bench, in particular, can accommodate three people sitting side by side, maximizing the use of space.

Space-Efficiency: The 3-link design optimizes space utilization. It allows for efficient use of floor space while accommodating a reasonable number of waiting individuals. This can be especially useful in areas with limited space.

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