Clerical office seat

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Clerical office seat

Focus on work not pain. Our new backrest is designed to hug your back for lasting comfort. the flexible curve fits closely with the arm, non-slip and durable, giving arm support, The back shape lumbar support design can effectively support the waist, disperse local pressure, and fit and protect; the assembled design is simple and convenient, the inclination of the chair can be locked or set to float freely with the user to obtain the most comfortable sitting posture, good cushioning seat and a supportable breathable mesh backrest and effectively relieves back pressure



Clerical office seat

Having a chair with lumbar support is especially necessary for all-day working and studying. This ergonomic Clerical office seat will not only help to sit at correct sitting postures but also help relieve stress and reduce fatigue after long-time sitting.

This ergonomic office chair can fit nicely under the desk and save space; or provide comfort when you feel like to rest your arms.

The curvature of the tilt function backrest is fully ergonomic and provides optimal support for the lower back, shoulders and neck. Improve your posture and help you stay comfortable throughout the work day!

Our Clerical office seat are made with high resilient foam cushion that prevents deformation, provides foam-like comfort, and reduces pressure on your hips and tailbone.

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