Director reclining office chair

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Director reclining office chair

The overall design of this Director reclining office chair is ergonomic. The chair can effectively relieve the back pain that caused by long hours of sitting. Compared with other ordinary office chairs, the cushion of this office chair uses high-density elastic sponge, which is softer, thicker and more comfortable. This swivel office chair can be adjusted to your preferred height with its easy-to-use lever and pneumatic system. This computer chair is good for studying in your dorm or working at your desk in your home office. Made of strong material, well-shaped and elastic. Let you have a comfortable experience.



Director reclining office chair

It is made up of high-density foam to ensure that our customer does not feel pain or soreness while working for a longer duration. It can handle weight up to 150kg.  The Director`s reclining office chair can be rotated 360 degrees and can be rolled easily with the swivel caster wheels.

The base gives an impeccable disposition to this chair. The chair can carry large weight with this sturdy base. This tilting mechanism tilts the front of the seat up or down. A forward sloping seat pan increases blood flow to the lower body, all while reducing lower back pressure and pain in the forward-leaning posture.

This is connected to a piston, which in turn, moves into the cylinder when the lever is activated. The piston further compresses the air inside the chamber, moving the chair seat up, and when it’s removed the air decompresses and the seat lowers.

Now you can alleviate physical stress on your joints, enjoy smooth rolling and keep noise to a minimum. Come with chair colors. This feature brings more convenience to your work.

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