Generic adjustable electric table

Original price was: KSh 39,500.00.Current price is: KSh 38,000.00.

-Sturdy Structure:This vertical desk uses an industrial-grade steel frame combined with a sturdy table top. There are no joints in the wood and can bear heavy weight to support your ideal work space setup.

-Spacious Work Area:The large work surface measuring 120 x 60 cm. It provides ample space for a variety of monitor or laptop setups. It also has a place for office supplies to help you work more efficiently and comfortably.

-Built for Work or Study:This perfect standing desk allows independent and remote workers to stay active, healthy and efficient while working from home. You can precisely adjust your desk according to your height and let healthy exercise fit into your day.

-Electric Height Adjustable Lift System:The motorized lifting mechanism of our desk frame provides smoother height adjustment, from 27.9″ to 45.2″ (excluding 0.8″ desktop thickness), at a speed of 0.8″/sec, and low noise during operation.

-Ergonomic Design: The ergonomic height adjustable design will help transform your unique workspace. Switch from sitting to standing, free lifting, reduces strain on back, neck, and eyes. Seamlessly transitions to your perfect ergonomic height.



Win Up Time crank standing desk can be placed everywhere you want, not only near to the electric power compared to other electric standing desk. You won’t have power cords everywhere under your desk Crank lift systerm can adjust the desk height from 29.5″ to 47.6″ smoothly and quickly.  With an all-steel sit stand desk frame and sturdy particle board top, this stand sit desk is able to support up to 150kgs with maximum stability and sturdiness. The clean white appearance blends with a variety of home and office environments.

  • Smooth Height Adjustment – Go from sitting to standing in one smooth motion, this electric sit stand desk can offer a quick transition from 28.3″ to 46.5″ with a speed of 25mm/s. The noise is under 50 dB and will not interrupt your work and study ideas.
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