Generic adjustable electric table

Original price was: KSh 39,800.00.Current price is: KSh 38,000.00.

‘-Rounded Table Corner Designed: Can effectively reduce the injury to the human body during use.

Intelligent Anti-Collision System: Automatically stops when sensor obstacles while adjusting the height to prevent accidents.

-Stable and sturdy structure:Industrial grade steel frame combined with a solid tray allows a load capacity of 100kg to support your ideal workspace.

-Smart memory panel:with its stylish digital control panel, adjust the electric standing desk frame to your usual height in seconds with the 4 programmable positions.

-Anti-Collision Technology: Built-in anti-collision technology prevents the desk  from lowering on an object. When you can feel the soft and hard obstacles vividly, the desk frame automatically stops and moves slightly in the opposite direction.



Update your workstation with this Generic adjustable electric table. A powerful, smooth single motor lift system combined with a heavy-duty steel base and four preset buttons allows you to customize the height of the tabletop to help increase your productivity while promoting better posture and reducing neck and back pain.

Finished in a complementary white hue to blend with any room’s décor, this sit-to-stand desk is ideal for a home office, living space or study.

Our rectangular desk is always the best-selling and most economical model. Living a sedentary lifestyle can be dangerous to your health.

The less sitting or lying down you do during the day, the better your chance for living a healthy life. Using a standing desk helps to counteract the negative health effects of a sedentary job.

Health benefits of standing more and sitting less: Remove sleepiness, Reduced risk of obesity, Lower long-term mortality risk, Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

The perfect Generic adjustable electric table to allow independent and remote workers to stay active, healthy, and productive while working from home. Precisely adjust your desk to your height and insert healthy movement into your day.

Program your favorite desk heights right from the convenient control panel, which lets you assign up to 4 different desk heights to the memory buttons so you can easily switch between standing and sitting positions.

Large work space of our Generic adjustable electric table provides large area for 2 monitors at a comfortable position. And our sit stand desk has waterproof and scratch – resistant function. Help you easily manage your desktop with our adjustable height desk.

Press the adjustment button to adjust the height with low noise and constant speed. The adjustable height desk Surface adjusts, with low noise while running.This electric desk converter transitions to the perfect height with minimal effort for the home office desks.

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