1.4m executive office table

Original price was: KSh 36,000.00.Current price is: KSh 28,500.00.

Command Your Workspace: The 1.4m executive office table

Make a statement in your office with the expansive luxury of a 1.4 meter executive office table. This generously sized workspace provides ample room for you to tackle any task, comfortably and efficiently.


  • Spacious 1.4 meter width: Spread out with multiple monitors, a computer, paperwork, and more, all within easy reach.
  • Premium materials: Crafted from high-quality for a look that exudes authority and success.
  • Elegant  finish: Complements a variety of design aesthetics, creating a sophisticated atmosphere.
    • Built-in grommets for discreet cable management.
    • A pull-out keyboard tray for ergonomic comfort.
    • A hutch or credenza for additional storage and display.


Ideal for:

  • Executives and managers who require a large and organized workspace.
  • Creative professionals who benefit from a spacious area for brainstorming and collaboration.
  • Anyone who appreciates a luxurious and functional office environment.

More Than Just a Desk:

This 1.4 meter executive table is an investment in your productivity and image. The expansive surface allows you to stay organized and focused, while the premium design reflects your leadership and accomplishment.

Upgrade your workspace today and experience the difference of a truly executive office environment.

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